Season Surprises- Winter, Winter Everywhere

Winter is a time for chilly celebrations. Kicking off from Halloween in end of October, winter brings with it the wintry charm of long cold nights, hot coffees, bonfires with toasted marshmallows and elegant evening wear. Not to mention that towards the end of the year, Christmas and New Year’s celebrations add the extra special holiday flavor.

Change of season affects everything; from student life to the fashion industry and everything in between, each season brings with it either new movie releases, clothes, food items or celebrations.  Horror movies are mostly released on Halloween which is in keeping with the whole spirit of spookiness. Designer labels showcase their winter collections of clothing and accessories, which are highly anticipated by people all over the world, including customers, showbiz and fashion industry personnel. It’s quite a sight to see the season’s creative new apparel, not just at the fashion shows but in the retail industry as well. It’s all coats, boots and scarves this time of the year and makes for interesting sartorial ensembles.

Season Surprises- Winter, Winter Everywhere

November also brings snow, adding to the white chills that pervade our surroundings. Snowmen and snow fights are a common spectacle everywhere, be they among adults or children. A lot of universities have their winter break around this time and students spend the season with their families and friends amid bonfires and barbeques. It’s a fun time of the year, and it is the common perception that celebrations in winters have a taste and feel of their own, like no other time of the year.

The Winter Olympics are another highly anticipated event which is watched by people all over the world. Ice skating and ice skiing, among others are the exceptionally wintry and entertaining games that are a treat to watch. Every Winter Olympic tournament brings with it surprises and an exhibition of creative talent that is a living testimony to the success hard work and natural ability can produce. Nixon University wishes all its students all over the world an enjoyable winter season and hopes they will have a pleasant experience this time of the year as always.


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